About Me

Hi, my name is Simon D. Roffe and I’m the sole owner of Roffe Films. I’m an avid videographer who loves to script fun and interesting stories with my camera. Videography has been a longtime passion of mine and I love creating memories that make people smile. My videos always focus on the positive and give my clients that nice, warm feeling.

When I’m not working, I love taking videos of my family, especially my children. The ability to capture beautiful moments with my family and record them as memories gives me that daily dose of encouragement and motivation to keep doing what I love doing.

My areas of specialization include making advertising videos for online portals such as You Tube and themed birthday party videos. I also enjoy covering bar mitzvahs and weddings.

Apart from my videography skills, I also function as the VP of Social Media at the Sarina Roffe Group and Sarina’s Sephardic Cuisine. I assist my clients in their social media marketing efforts by helping them setup Facebook and Twitter accounts and giving them ideas on effective blogging and tweeting. Owing to my expertise in social media and my love for it, I’m also quite the ‘Tweeter’.

On my free time, I volunteer as a treasurer and financial manager for the 80 year old Jewish Deaf Congress. When I’m not doing any volunteering, you’ll either find me scuba diving or cheering for the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Orioles.

my best works

My portfolio includes the various kinds of work I’ve done, which include birthday parties, weddings, advertisements, and bar mitzvahs. You will also find a collection of personal videos that cover various subjects, with the main one being my family. When I’m not working on official projects, I love practising my videography skills with my wife and children.

I specialize in producing birthday videos and incorporate various creative themes while editing them. Some of the themes that customers can choose from include:

  • 50 for 50

    This video is about 50 for 50....

  • Scary

    Scary: A perfect theme if you are planning to record...

  • Fairy tale

    Fairy tale: A theme that goes very well with your...

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Apart from the themes suggested above, customers can also go for other themes such as Treasure Hunt, Spy/007, Superhero, Expedition, and Coming of Age. Roffe Films can also produce videos with special effects such as explosions or car crashes. The special effects can be added to the videos depending on customer specifications.

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